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Published on December 14th 2021
Frank Grassberger: A World War 2 veteran who met the woman who, as a girl, wrote him a life-changing letter 12-years ago.

Dashauna Priest & Frank Grassberger
Dashauna Priest & Frank Grassberger photo: wfla.com

Today, 95-year-old Frank and his wife Dee live in the Vitalia Senior Residences in Strongsville, Ohio, and Frank uses a wheelchair.

However, 77-years-ago, as a young man during very dangerous times, Frank served his nation.

But then the years passed and Frank's military service fell into anonymity. Then one day in 2009, he received a letter from a little 3rd grade girl.

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It was a letter of gratitude for his long-ago military service and had such comments as: "If it wasn't for you, we would never have freedom," and "I'm so happy you made sacrifices."

Frank Grassberger
Frank Grassberger photo: stripesr.com

And it was signed, "Your friend, Dashauna Priest"

"I'm tickled to death that I have a letter like that," Frank told Steve Hartman of CBS News, a letter that is always with him.

photo: stripesr.com

"I'd never be without it. It is something somebody thought of me that much!"

He always hoped to meet Dashauna, but as the years passed, it seemed impossible.

But knowing how strong he felt about meeting Dashauna, Vitalia employee Jill Pawloski searched for her and found her, living only an hour away.

The Grasbergers with Jill Pawloski
The Grasbergers with Jill Pawloski photo: stripesr.com

Dashauna fondly recalled writing that letter as a school assignment and was thrilled to meet Frank and Dee, arriving in her Army National Guard uniform.

It was a tearful 2 1/2 hour reunion and they bonded as family and now speak regularly.

To Frank, "she's like my 3rd daughter," as he holds her in his heart, his long-held dream at last fulfilled.

Editor's Note:: To learn more https://www.cbsnews.com and https://m.facebook.com/.

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