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Published on June 19th, 2018
Freddie Sherrill: A recovering drug addict and former homeless man who recently graduated from college at age-65.

Freddie Sherrill
Freddie Sherrill
Photo: myersparkpres.org

As an addict, for many years Freddie lived on the streets, ate from dumpsters and was in and out of North Carolina prisons and rehab centers.

Then in 1988, a profound change took place:

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Freddie used his last few dollars to buy a bottle of wine, but his hands were so shaky, he dropped it and it shattered on the ground.

“I was crying, and I was trying to get a drink off the broken glass,” he told The Washington Post.

Freddie wanted to die and put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

The gun didn’t fire. But when he threw it to the ground, it fired multiple times. A stunned Freddie took this as a sign from God.

“I was tired of hurting everybody around me,” he said. “That was the beginning.”

However, no Charlotte area rehab center would take him back.

But 60-miles away, a halfway house in Morganton, N.C. did take him, and at last, Freddie ended his use of alcohol and other drugs.

Next, the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Morganton hired him to maintain the church grounds, and do other jobs, and Freddie built self-esteem.

Freddie Sherrill
Freddie Sherrill: Graduation from Queens University of Charlotte
Photo: all4women.co.za

Then at age 37, Freddie began learning how to read and write.

As he grew stronger and more capable, he reunited with his wife and five-children and he earned his high school equivalency diploma.

Freddie moved back to Charlotte for a job as an events setup coordinator at Myers Park Presbyterian Church. He also started taking college classes, and in eight years, earned his associate’s degree.

He then focused on his bachelor’s degree and in eight more years at age- 65 graduated from Queens University of Charlotte with a degree in human service studies.

“It’s surreal. I’m still pinching myself that this is something I actually accomplished,” Freddie said. “It’s hard to believe it.”

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here and here. Note: On December 16th, Freddie will be 30-years sober.

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