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Published on May 10th 2022
Gary Burns: Building beds for children in need.

photo: cbn.com

In Houston three years ago, Gary retired as a chemical engineer and sought a greater purpose in his life.

He found that purpose when he learned many children had no beds to sleep in while many others had to share whatever beds their families had.

Gary was determined to do something about this:

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Affiliating with the national non-profit organization Sleep In Heavenly Peace, Gary began building beds, each one ready for use with a wooden frame, mattress and bedding.

Gary Burns
Gary Burns photo: abcnews.go.com

So how many did he build?

That first year working largely alone in his garage he built 20-beds, meaning 20-children received this marvelous gift.

Over time, 45 other volunteers have gotten involved and last year Gary and they built 379 beds!

photo: cbn.com

Gary has been deeply touched by how these children respond. He told ABC News about a little girl, who upon receiving her own new bed ... "She couldn't comprehend it."

photo: cbn.com

"She had lived her whole life sharing a bed and that's what she thought everybody did." Now she has a brand-new bed and bedding of her own, her own special place.

Editor's Note: : To learn more abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/man-creates-retirement-project-provide-kids-beds and shpbeds.org/about-sleep-heavenly-peace.

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