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Published on June 4th 2024
A customer who tipped $10,000 on a $32.43 restaurant bill.

Paige Mulick. Photo: nypost.com

The Mason Jar Café in Benton Harbor, Michigan like most restaurants sees tips of 10% to 25%.

"Typically, we'll see every now and then (a) $100 (tip), manager Tim Sweeney told The Hill. "But not ever anything of this gratitude or magnitude."

Yet on one special day last February, it happened from the kindness of a stranger.

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A customer identified only as Mark, tipped $10,000 on his $32.43 bill.

Photo: nypost.com

Tim was shocked and spoke to Mark to be sure this was his intention. "I had a conversation with him. He wanted to proceed."

Mark briefly explained why.

"It was in memory of a friend who had recently passed and he was in town for the funeral," food server Paige Mulick told The Hill. It was a gift from his heart.

Mark's extreme generosity touched the lives of many people.

Tim split it equally among the nine staff members, meaning each person received over $1,100.

The Mason Jar Café Photo: wrkr.com

Some were working mothers with children to support, others had college loans to pay, while still others had their own compelling needs.

"Every dollar counts at a job like this," said Paige. "We work hard."

"Any time you can lend a hand and change somebody's life - whether it's a small act or a large act - it's very important ...," said Tim.

When asked how long it takes to earn $10,000 in tips, Tim laughed. "Many, many, many months," he replied.

Editor's Note: To learn more thehill.com/changing-america/respect/poverty/4463394-customer-tips-10k-at-michigan-restaurant-explains-generous-gesture-before-leaving/.

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