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Published on March 13th, 2018
Grandma Moses: Who began her famous career at the advanced age of 76.

Grandma Moses
Grandma Moses
Photo: cbsnews.com

In 1961, when Anna Mary Robertson Moses, “Grandma Moses,” passed away at the age of 101, the world mourned, and U.S. President John F. Kennedy praised her.

Years earlier, U.S. President Harry Truman played the piano for her, and on her 101st birthday, New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller celebrated her and her work.

Who was Grandma Moses? Today, we will share her amazing story with you.

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In the 20th Century, Grandma Moses was a household name, recognized all over the world for her paintings.

Although she had no formal training, and little formal education, in 1936 at 76 she began painting at an age far older than the typical life span of U.S. women at that time.

How did she get her start?

Grandma Moses and her husband had been farmers, and family and farming had been her life.

Then at the age of 62, she began to embroider pictures, until arthritis crippled her hands.

To continue to express herself through art she took up painting, where she could switch hands as she painted.

Her paintings were displayed at a local drug store, when an art collector passing through her little New York town saw them, and bought them all for a few dollars each.

He bought 10 more paintings directly from her.

He then arranged to have three of them shown at New York’s Museum of Modern Art where they attracted wide public attention, and she became famous.

Grandma Moses
Grandma Moses' Painting
Photo: benningtonmuseum.org

Over the years, Grandma Moses’ paintings have been displayed in museums and other venues and collectors have paid vast sums of money for them.

They are commonly reprinted on holiday cards and other merchandise.

So, if you think you’re too old to pursue your dreams, think of Grandma Moses, and know in your heart it may not be too late for you.

Editor's Note To learn more, click here. To see more of her paintings, click here, and on YouTube, here.

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