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Published on August 2nd 2022
Gus, a 3-legged dog with cancer, who saved an infant otter.

photo: people.com

As 6-year-old goldendoodle, Gus stood on the shore of the St. Croix (Minnesota) River.

He spotted something and then began intensely swimming in the near-freezing water.

That Gus is sick with cancer, and has only 3-legs due to that cancer, didn't stop him.

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"He came (back) to shore and he had something in his mouth, and it turned out to be a very tiny otter," his human companion, Cleo Young told CBS affiliate WCCO.

photo: people.com

Cleo and her family rushed the infant otter to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where it was stabilized and then transported to another facility for more intensive treatment.

The Youngs were informed by the Center that baby otter would likely have died if not for Gus, for it was too little and weak to survive outside of its mother's den.

So, Gus is not only "man's best friend" but the best friend of a tiny, helpless otter to whom it owes Gus its life.

photo: people.com

Editor's Note: To learn more cbsnews.com/news/three-legged-dog.../ and theguardian.com/.../three-legged-dog.../.

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