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Published on June 1st 2021
Henry Darby: A High School Principal who took a 2nd job to help his poorest students.

Henry Darby
Henry Darby photo: abcnews4.com

Principal of North Charleston High School, 90% of Henry's students live below the poverty line, and some are homeless, living under bridges or in cars.

Despite his full-time day job, Henry took an overnight three-day-a-week job at Walmart stocking shelves, donating his Walmart paycheck to help his students.

His paycheck pays for school supplies, food and clothing, and other bills, including electricity and heat.

Why does Henry do this?

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Because of the struggle of his own childhood.

Henry Darby
Henry Darby stocks shelves at Walmart photo: nbcnews.com

Henry's dad died during his childhood, leaving Henry and his mother to work long hours to keep a roof over their heads, and food on the table. In addition:

He and his mother went thru trash cans and to a dump, collecting recyclables to turn in for cash.

Once when Henry was about 7-years-old, his mother told him to grab a white cloth from under a pile of garbage in the dump. Henry balked.

"I saw my mother put her hand in all that filth and gunk," Henry told NPR. "And she got that piece of cloth, took it home, boiled it in a kettle in the backyard and made a shirt," for him.

Henry showed NPR that shirt.

From those long-ago memories, Henry knew he had to help his students and he did.

When Walmart heard about Henry's actions, they donated $50,000 to help those students, while others set up a GoFundMe page that has now raised nearly $200,000.

Henry Darby
photo: passiton.com

Henry explained to Charleston TV station CountOnNews2:

"The greatest thing we can do is to help one another. We might not change the world, but we just might change the world for one person."

Editor's Note:: To visit one of the GoFundMe pages: click here. To see Henry's background: click here. To learn more: click here, here here and here.

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