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Published on November 9th 2021
A chicken who is the preschool traffic patrol officer.

Henry photo: cbc.ca

In Newstead, New Zealand there is a new sheriff in town.

Since last January and dressed in a fluorescent vest, Henry the hen has been strutting around the parking area of Newstead Country Preschool.

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At 7:45 a.m.,15-minutes before school starts, Henry slows drivers down as she greets the children on her patrol.

photo: cbc.ca

"Mostly, she likes to take her time crossing the drive and inspecting the cars," Tracy Trigg, the preschool owner told The Washington Post.

Tracy and her family started this preschool 24-years-ago, from a small family farm adjoining the school and today it has 37-children, and Tracy as its principal.

photo: cbc.ca

Henry came to Tracy late last year, when she strutted into the home of a friend.

"My friend started hand-feeding her because she was quite thin," Tracy told The Post.

"We think she was a rescue hen as her beak had been trimmed, and we found she really loved grated cheese."

Tracy moved Henry in with her chickens, but Henry soon went to the car park and began greeting the kids, as Tracy added her fluorescent vest.

Afterward, her vest is removed and she joins the staff at teatime and lunch, eating their cheese.

What is Henry's primary role? Tracy said:

"I thought it would bring smiles to the faces of our parents and teachers, and also highlight to the children that we all need to be safe in the car park and around vehicles."

As for the parents, Erin McIlmurray, whose 4-year-old, Molly is a student, said:

"Henry is an absolute hoot."

"Some preschools might see a chicken in the car park as an annoyance, but we love Molly's preschool because they do fun things like this."

Editor's Note:To learn more https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2021/08/31/chicken-traffic-patrol-school-hen/

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