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Published on April 30th 2024
The Holocaust Survivor Band.

The Holocaust Survivor Band
The Holocaust Survivor Band. Photo: timesofisrael.com

Now 98-year-old Holocaust Survivor Saul Dreier started this unusual Band. Why?

"In 2014 I read an article about [a] woman who was a pianist. She passed away when she was 108 years old and she was a Holocaust Survivor. In her memory I decided to put together a Holocaust Survivor Band consisting of Holocaust Survivors."

At the time, Saul was 88 and a long-retired New Jersey contractor and long-ago drummer, who lived with the horrific memories of his years in Nazi concentration camps.

Through music, which transcends languages, he could communicate his feelings.

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But his wife Carla felt at his advanced age, creating a touring band was ridiculous.

"Eventually I rented a room in [a Jewish] temple and I advertise for a free concert. For free everybody shows up and my wife too. She was sitting in the front row."

With six musicians and a lady singer, they played for 1.5 hours. And when they finished, "we got a standing ovation."

"After that we were invited to play around the world."

Over the years, their venues have included Las Vegas, Miami, Cleveland, Austin, Texas and in Israel, Brazil, Canada and most poignant, in Warsaw, in Berlin and Auschwitz.

Saul and The Holocaust Band also played in The White House in 2023, for President Joe Biden.

Having lost his family in the Holocaust, and as a man who barely survived, Saul has a message. A message of hope:

"We all have one heart," he told The Washington Post. "We all have to live together in peace, and that's what I'm trying to promote."

Editor's Note: To learn more https://sauldreier.com/, https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2024/01/06/holocaust-survivor-band-saul-dreier/, sauldreier.com/documentary/ and forward.com/news/573889/joe-biden-saul-dreier-holocaust-survivor-white-house-hanukkah/

As Holocaust Survivors are growing fewer, their children are invited to play in the band.

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