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Published on May 7th 2024
Inky, a lost little kitty, found in an unlikely place.

Inky. Photo: washingtonpost.com

Inky and her human companion Randi McGlone Reyna are very close having been together for 11 years, after Randi rescued her as a kitten from a brush fire.

Randi rushed her to a veterinarian, as Inky was badly burned, where for the next two months, this fragile kitten was nursed back to health. Even now, she still has eye damage.

But recently:

"She'd just disappeared, and I began to think that she'd run off and I'd never see her again," said Randi about Inky, to The Washington Post.

Where was Inky?

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Randi had ordered a new recliner from Big Sandy Superstore near her Ashland, Kentucky home so she and Inky could comfortably watch TV together.

The Recliner Chair
The Recliner Chair. Photo: washingtonpost.com

But when the chair arrived, Randi was unhappy with it, and the Superstore replaced it with one she preferred.

After the delivery van left, Randi could not find Inky and desperately searched the neighborhood.

Then, three days later, an employee from a Big Sandy Superstore warehouse called Randi to see if she had lost a black cat.

"They said that a cat popped out of my [returned] chair and darted away ..."

The warehouse is roughly 30 miles from her home, and this began a three-week process of Randi and the employees searching for Inky.

Then Randi got a call from the warehouse saying they had Inky. "I went right over there with my carrier to get her."

The Recliner Chair
Randi and Inky. Photo: people.com

"Inky was sweet and loved all over me, and I did the same to her."

As for Inky, "Let's just say that I won't be ordering any new furniture for a while," said Randi. "I want to relax and enjoy having my cat back."

Editor's Note: To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2023/04/02/missing-cat-hiding-inky-furniture/ and bigsandysuperstore.com/.

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