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Published on June 7th, 2016
Iris & Thula: The story of a six-year-old autistic girl and her kitty.

Iris & Thula
Iris & Thula  

Iris Grace Halmshaw, a little British girl, was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of two, and doctors were not optimistic she would ever speak nor form close bonds.

To encourage her to express herself, her parents bought her paints and canvass' and it turned out Iris could create beautiful art.

But it was her new friend Thula that gave Iris the desire and determination to speak.

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Iris began speaking to Thula to tell her what she wanted her to do. And tiny Thula responded warmly to Iris, as the two became best friends.

Iris & Thula
Iris & Thula  
Photo: cnn.com

As best friends, the two are often inseparable.

Iris at first had been afraid of water, and many cats avoid bodies of water, but soon the two began to bathe together and then to swim together.

They also began going on family bike rides together.

Iris shares her books with Thula, and when bedtime comes, the two best friends sleep together.

Iris & Thula
Iris & Thula  

Meanwhile, Iris' paintings have advanced considerably under Thula's oversight and have become very popular.

It seems Thula has become Iris' guardian angel and helps Iris to blossom in ways no-one could have anticipated, as love prevailed over disability.

Editor's Note: To learn more, please look here, here and here, which includes a 1 minute, 31 second video of Iris and Thula. To see Iris' beautiful paintings https://irisgracepainting.com/ I first saw this story on www.dailygood.org on 5/14/16

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