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Published on September 15th 2020
Jaclyn Garcia: A 9-year-old girl bringing kindness to the world.

Jaclyn Garcia
Jaclyn Garcia
photo: ktvb.com

"She was really concerned about all of the things going on right now, there is a lot of hurt and pain going on in the world," her dad Paul told Boise, Idaho TV station KTVB7.

"So, she approached us and asked ...what we can do to make a difference." In speaking with her parents, Jaclyn came up with some very interesting ideas.

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After watching the news, "...I made 12 love cards and I asked my mom and dad if we could buy a dozen roses to hand out to people and they agreed."

"We handed them out to people who just need love."

Jaclyn's flowers and love cards became so popular, she decided to take an even bigger step.

"We got sponsored by Little Caesars, so we decided to hand out pizza to the police. It was really exciting to see all those police officers smile, it was really special."

Jaclyn Garcia
Jaclyn Garcia at Little Caesars
photo: twitter.com

Soon she and her parents also began going to the hospitals to give love notes, flowers and pizza to the doctors and nurses and other medical practitioners.

And they added firefighters and people at community events to their list of recipients.

Jaclyn also created a Facebook page so she could offer hope online. Kidz4Uniting.

Her mother Allie told KTVB7 "[We're] Just really proud of her. She inspires and teaches us adults what we should be doing out in this world..."

"...she's all about uniting and showing love, as a mom it's a beautiful thing to see and we're just so blessed by her teaching us too!"

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Thank you to www.kindspring.org for sharing this inspiring story with us.

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