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Published on November 7th, 2017
Jadav "Molai" Payeng: A man who planted a forest now bigger than New York’s Central Park.

Photo: facebook.com

Living on Majuli Island in a remote area of northeast India, home to 150,000 people, Molai saw his island disappearing from erosion.

He decided to do something about it.

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Starting in 1979 at just 16-years of age, Molai went to a desolate part of Majuli, and planted one tiny tree.

As time passed, he planted another and another, and over the years, those trees formed a forest, even as he kept planting more trees.

Today, he takes tree seeds from his forest and plants new trees, as his forest grows ever bigger.

Jadav "Molai" Payeng
Photo: acidrayn.com

The result is that he has created a beautiful sanctuary for people and also for endangered elephants, tigers, rhinos and other animals.

His trees provide a canopied ground cover that resists soil erosion, and the chirp of many a bird species now greets visitors.

In India, he is called "The Forest Man" and has won numerous awards for his work.

Yet he remains a modest man, free of most possessions, and has found happiness as he devotes himself to his family, his forest, and his environmental principles.

This is but a single example of the difference one person can make.

Success Tip of the Week: Wherever you live, where there is some barren land, plant and nurture a seedling, and as it grows, watch it begin to beautify the world.

Editor's Note: To see Molai in action in a 2013, 16 1/2 minute award winning documentary, click here. To learn more: http://www.theweekendleader.com/Heroism/2155/forest-maker.html.

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