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Published on January 4th 2022
90-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Jeanie Shaffer, who handmakes hats for newborns.

Jeanie Shaffer
Jeanie Shaffer photo: washingtonpost.com

Having started 15-years-ago, Jeanie has now knit over 11,000 tiny hats to warm the heads of infants who have just come into this world.

And she continues to donate new tiny hats to her local hospital, UPMC Western Maryland.

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At UPMC, the hospital staff places these tiny hats onto the heads of newborns shortly after their births as the infants adapt to life outside the womb.

As the babies grow beyond these little hats, many families retain their hats for their sentimental value.

To honor Jeanie for her kindness and dedication, on social media, the hospital staff requested families to send them photos of their newborns wearing these tiny hats.

The photos poured in by the thousands.

The staff then selected among them and presented to Jeanie a scrap book of these photos, a scrap book that deeply touched her heart, as tears came to her eyes.

"I didn't realize making hats would go this far," Jeanie said. "I appreciate it a whole lot."

"It makes me feel proud and wonderful that I can do this to give the babies a warm head to start life."

Jeanie Shaffer
Jeanie Shaffer photo: washingtonpost.com

The hospital's expression of gratitude and the numerous grateful responses from parents makes her want to continue her special work.

"I've always said I want to live to be 100," said Jeanie. "As long as I'm able to make them, I will," she stated with the determination of a woman on a very special mission.

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