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Published on September 21st 2021
Cincinnati Firefighter Jenny Adkins, who rescued Gertie, a dog in dire need.

Gertie photo: local12.com

On a Tuesday Gertie, a 35-pound white female terrier mix ran from her yard into the woods.

When she didn't return, her frantic human companion Connie Frick made posters of her and placed them all over her neighborhood.

But as the days passed, there was no word on Gertie. Then 5-days later on Sunday, everything changed.

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A neighbor heard a dog crying from behind their garage wall, and called the Cincinnati Fire Department.

gertie being rescued
Gertie being rescued photo: nbcnews.com

When Jenny and the team of other firefighters arrived, they found Gertie, who had fallen, likely 4 to 5 days earlier, and was trapped between two concrete/cinderblock walls.

The only way to get her out would be to use saws and a sledgehammer, and with great care, that is what they did.

It was Jenny who completed the job and then gently lifted Gertie out and carried her to Connie in an exciting and loving reunion, as Gertie wagged her little tail in joy.

Jenny Adkins and Gertie
Jenny Adkins and Gertie photo: local12.com

Editor's Note:To see the rescue and Gertie, Jenny and Connie in a 1-minute, 28-second video and to learn more cbsnews.com/news/firefighters-rescue-dog-trapped-concrete-walls/ and usatoday.com/.../cincinnati-firefighters-save-dog-gertie-stuck-concrete-walls

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