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Published on June 18th 2024
Grubhub driver and daughter deliver lunch to an animal shelter, leave with a dog.

Photo: fox19.com

On Saturday, February 10th, Alan Moncayo, a single parent, and his 5-year-old daughter Sabrina delivered a lunch to Fairfax County Animal Shelter in Lorton, Virginia.

They expected to be in and out, until Jihoo, an adorable Pitbull-Lab mix greeted them.

This 6-year-old pup touched Alan's heart, reminding him of his dog Rusty, who left him nearly 30-years-ago.

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Despite his daughter Sabrina wanting a dog, Alan had declined, telling The Washington Post:

"Being a single parent, and with inflation being so high ... it's not in my budget to pay for a dog."

But Jihoo intrigued him, and the shelter was holding an "Adoption Bowl" event, in honor of the Super Bowl, waiving adoption fees for dogs over 45 pounds. Jihoo weighs 65 pounds.

"Right away he played with my daughter," Alan told The Post. "He was very sensitive and gentle," adding that Jihoo is well-trained and obedient. "This dog is unbelievable."

But Alan was also moved by Jihoo's story:

Typically, pups remain at the shelter for roughly 24 days. Jihoo had been there for over 240 days, with no one claiming him.

Photo: yahoo.com

Aside from the shelter, he was alone in the world.

But the staff loved Jihoo. "He was very special to all of our staff and volunteers," said Rebecca Cavedon of the shelter. "He's just an amazingly gentle, sweet, kind boy."

Alan and Sabrina felt the same way.

After completing the paperwork, and a counseling session, they adopted Jihoo and brought him home, where he receives belly rubs and a lot of love and attention.

"He is so affectionate and loving with both of us," Alan said. "He has been a blessing."

Editor's Note: To learn more washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2024/03/06/delivery-driver-takes-lunch-animal-shelter-ends-up-adopting-dog/

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