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Published on November 19th 2019
Jon Potter: A 29-year-old man who serves as a guardian angel

Jon Potter
Jon Potter Photo: abcnews.go.com

When someone in Pittsburgh needs help, they can request it on Reddit Pittsburgh or Jon's site, Pittsburgh Good Deeds and know that Jon is checking.

Need a low interest loan, one you may not be able to repay, email Jon. Need cat sitting, a tire change, help in moving? Email Jon.

Who is Jon, and why does he do this?

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Jon posted on Reddit Pittsburgh, "Reflections from 4 years of saying 'yes' to r/pittsburgh."

"I am nothing special, nor am I trying to atone for some horrible crimes I did in the past."

"I am just an awkward and anxiety-ridden guy, who deep down always wanted to do good. Which, I am pretty sure, is most people."

Jon Potter
Jon Potter Photo: pittsburgh.cbslocal.com

It all began four years ago, when a desperate woman tapped on Jon's car window and asked him for a ride to a battered women's shelter nearby.

He said no, but quickly regretted his answer and tried to find her, without success.

"I felt terrible," he told the Pittsburgh Gazette. "I told myself, I never want to feel that again."

Since then he's done over 1,000 good deeds including with his wife Rachel, hosting an annual Thanksgiving Dinner for those in need of a friend.

But most notably, in August, with his wife's concurrence, Jon donated a kidney to a 57-year-old man facing death without one.

Are some people scamming him? Could be, but to Jon, it doesn't matter.

"It's worth the risk of getting scammed," Jon told the Gazette, "compared to the possibility of helping someone or saving somebody's life."

Editor's Note: To learn more click here and here and here. To learn more about Reddit Pittsburgh, click here or Pittsburgh Good Deeds https://www.pghgooddeeds.org/.

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