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Published on December 18th 2018
Jose Alberto Gutierrez: A garbage man who runs a free library for the poor.

Jose Alberto Gutierrez
Jose Alberto Gutierrez
Photo: dailygood.org

It is said, education is the way out of poverty. But Bogota, Columbia has many poor children, and few libraries to serve them.

However, Jose has a treasure trove of books, to date 20,000 of them, which each weekend from his home, he offers to poor families. Where do these books come from?

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Jose rescues them from the trash.

In wealthy areas of Bogota, people toss books in the trash, many of them in excellent condition.

In picking up their garbage, Jose collects those books, and keeps adding to his library.

In fact, he has so many books he is now offering them to poor children elsewhere in Colombia, as a one-man Santa Claus of books.

“Books are our salvation and that is what Colombia needs,” Jose told the Associated Press.

In his childhood, Jose could not attend school because his family could not afford to send him.

But now he is a literary Robin Hood, taking books from the rich and giving them to the poor as a messenger of hope to all those who desire to be educated.

Editor's Note: To learn more http://www.dailygood.org/story/2022/the-man-who-transformed-trash-into-a-free-library-carolina-moreno/ On this site is a 1-minute, 50-second video in which you can see Jose in action.

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