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Published on February 20th, 2018
Jose Andres: A chef who fed millions of people in crisis

Chef Jose Andres
Chef Jose Andres
Photo: politico.com

Last September, most of Puerto Rico’s 3.6 million people were devastated by Hurricane Maria.

People were killed, homes were destroyed, electricity was lost, and food and water were in short supply.

While the U.S. government response floundered, Spanish born, Beverly Hills based chef Jose Andres and his non-profit World Central Kitchen took action.

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Jose arrived in Puerto Rico and recruited an army of chefs and volunteers, as he secured cooking facilities that still had electricity, and immediately began buying food.

To pay for it all, initially Jose used $10,000 of his own money and his credit cards, for there was no time to waste.

The first day, they served a thousand meals. Quickly, it became 25,000-meals, and then 100,000-meals, as they also set-up a food distribution network throughout the Island.

Jose Andres serves meals in Puerto Rico
Jose Andres serves meals in Puerto Rico
Photo: adventure.com

The money that paid for this food came from charity donations, as Jose spread the word on social media, and from U.S. government donations.

As the food was prepared, Jose and his army used trucks, cars, bikes, any means they could find to distribute the food.

This inspired other local organizations to also prepare and distribute food, often with people who themselves had lost their homes, but still wanted to help.

Jose and his World Central Kitchen volunteers led the way, as they served hot meals to families in dire need. For as he said, “When you are hungry, it is today.”

Editor's Note: To learn more about this fascinating story, please see this 13-minute, 17-second, “60 Minutes” piece https://www.cbsnews.com/news/feeding-puerto-rico/ To learn about World Central Kitchen https://www.worldcentralkitchen.org/

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