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Published on May 21st 2019
Karl The Therapy Dog: A Hero to Traumatized Children

Photo: dogster.com

When abused children must appear in court to confront their abusers, it can be overwhelming for them.

Or if a child has lost a loved one or their home, or is confronted by death, it can be extremely hard to bear.

This is where Karl, a 6-year-old loving therapy dog can make a wonderful difference.

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Karl in the courtroom. (Staged photo courtesy Ninth Circuit Court of Florida)
Photo: dogster.com

And although deaf, he understands U.S. sign language, and he understands the human heart. He is so effective with children, that they joyfully look forward to being with him.

Karl calms them, and he calms the adults around him, for his love and gentleness is irresistible.

How irresistible? Please watch this brief video and see if he doesn’t capture your heart as well. http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=7613

Editor's Note: Editor’s Note: Karl and several other therapy dogs are with Orlando, Florida based Companions for Courage, a non-profit therapy dog provider. To learn more about Companions for Courage:

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