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Published on June 25th 2019
Kazi Mannan: How his popular restaurant feeds the poor and the homeless yet is still profitable.

Kazi Mannan
Kazi Mannan
Photo: wgrz.com

Located in Washington, DC near The White House, Kazi’s Sakina Halal Grill offers Pakistani and Indian cuisine in catering to a large clientele.

Yet because Kazi also feeds so many people in need, how can his restaurant still make money?

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It is as a result of having so many paying customers, Kazi can afford to help. He estimates that last year, his restaurant served 16,000-free meals.

Why does he do this?

Sakina Halal Grill
Sakina Halal Grill
Photo: voanews.com

When Kazi came to the U.S. in 1996, he was a poor Pakistani immigrant with less than $5.

“Once upon a time, I was in a similar situation where I didn’t have enough money to eat. You pass by a restaurant but never able to go in.”

But life has been good to Kazi and when he opened his restaurant in 2013, he decided the poor and the homeless would eat for free.

To Kazi, a religious man, the reason is simple: “I’m trying to worship our Creator through food.”

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here. To visit the Sakina Halal Grill website http://www.sakinahalalgrill.com/ Thank you to kindspring.org for sharing this beautiful story with us.

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