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Published on November 14th, 2017
Keith Davison: Who at age 94, found a new and joyful purpose in his life.

Keith Davison
Keith Davison
Photo: kare11.com

Keith is a retired Morris, Minnesota judge whose wife Evy passed away last year after nearly 66-years of marriage.

Keith was lonely, and often in tears. But in his grieving, he found a very interesting answer to his loneliness and heartache.

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Keith has three adult children but no grandchildren, so he installed a beautiful swimming pool in his backyard, to welcome the neighborhood families to his home.

Children and adults have fun and share their stories with him, and he embraces their laughter and joy.

Keith Davison
Keith Davison and his pool
Photo: kare11.com

And afterward, when they go home, Keith enjoys swimming in the pool as he relaxes and gets his exercise.

One of his neighbors, Jessica Huebner told ABC News that the judge’s kind gesture has provided something even more valuable:

Her children see him “doing something out of the goodness of his heart and in return they learn to be kind and respect him as an adult and have conversations and share their life with him.”

To see this heartwarming story in a 3-minute video, click here.

Editor's Note: We all lose loved ones, but Keith created a solution to ease his pain. In addition to his children, he welcomed others into his life, not only in swimming season, but all year long. Keith is now a part of their lives, and they are a part of his.

To learn more click here and here.

Thank you to Anne’s and my son Kyle for sharing this lovely story with us.

In the next KazanToday: A woman who tells the remarkable story of her life-changing visit into death.

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