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Published on July 14th 2020
Ken Felmlee: His bone marrow transplant saved the life of an 11-year-old girl.

11-year-old Laila Anderson was suffering from a rare autoimmune disease that was going to take her life.

She, her family and the St. Louis Children's Hospital were desperate for a matching bone marrow donor.

When suddenly they were notified that a matching donor had been found. Kansas University pre-med student Kenton "Ken" Felmlee.

Why did he do this?

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Because Ken has seen his father struggle with an autoimmune disease, he knew it was the right thing to give Laila a second chance at life.

Because of her illness, Laila had become famous on Social Media as a big fan of the St. Louis Blues hockey team, and they had lovingly made her an integral part of their team.

But as emotionally uplifting as that was for her, without Ken, she was doomed.

As a busy student, Ken was unaware of Laila's fame. For him, it was about rescuing someone in need.

Ken and Laila and her family have now bonded and in a deeply touching scene, you will see the moment they met each other.

I strongly encourage you to watch this video but when you do, have tissues ready because it will bring tears to your eyes.

Editor's Note: To see Laila celebrating a championship with the St. Louis Blues and receiving a championship ring, click here.

For those of you who would like to make a life saving donation as Ken did, please visit https://bethematch.org/.

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