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Published on August 7th, 2018
Kimberly Bermudez: A 1st grade teacher who received a remarkable gift of charity to help her students.

Kimberly Bermudez
Kimberly Bermudez
Photo: upworthy.com

A Chicago schoolteacher, Kimberly teaches students so poor, that some of them are homeless while even more struggle to get enough to eat.

She, like all the teachers and administrators at Carlos Fuentes Elementary School help to pay for school supplies, food, clothing, soap, whatever the kids need.

Then a stranger heard her story:

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Kimberly was on a flight to Florida to see her family, when her seatmate asked what she does for a living.

After telling her story, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

A man in the row behind her holding a baby on his lap, apologized for eavesdropping and gave her some money.

“Do something amazing,” he said to her.

As her eyes filled with tears, Kimberly thanked him for his kindness, but felt it would be rude to count the money in front of him.

“I said, ‘You have no idea how much this means. Whether it’s books or backpacks, I’ll make sure I give something to the children.’ “

As she later discovered after the plane landed, incredibly he had given her $500 in cash. Yet who this generous man is remains a mystery.

“I have no idea who he is,” Kimberly told The Washington Post. “He was just an amazing stranger.”

Editor's Note: The source for this story is The Washington Post.

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