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Published on December 19th 2023
Australian Labradoodle Charlie, who helped save two families from a blazing inferno.

Australian Labradoodle Charlie
Australian Labradoodle Charlie Photo: washingtonpost.com

At about 2:45 am, on April 28th, in Clovis, California, two-year-old Charlie, who seldom makes a sound, began barking non-stop.

He awoke his human companion, Chad McCollum, who had been sound asleep. Nothing could quiet Charlie who created a tremendous commotion.

Chad checked to see what was upsetting Charlie, and in the distance, he saw billowing orange flames.

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Putting Charlie safely inside his home, Chad ran to the fire. Between two homes was a burning RV, and its flames were spreading to the homes.

After calling 911, Chad banged on the front doors of each home, screaming for residents to flee.

The families quickly exited their homes, as fire fighters arrived to face 20-feet-tall flames.

"The firefighters worked really quickly to put out the fire," Chad told The Washington Post. "I was just in shock, as was everyone else."

As the neighbors began thanking him, Chad replied, "It wasn't me. I would be dead asleep if it weren't for my dog."

Stephen Quick, one of those neighbors whose home was ablaze is thankful to Charlie for saving him and his two teenage sons, as well as their two golden retrievers.

Stephen Quick, right, visiting Charlie and McCollum with his two sons, Caleb, 16, left, and Logan, 13.
Photo: washingtonpost.com

"We 100 percent would not be alive today if it weren't for Charlie," said Stephen, whose fire alarms were silent because initially, the fire was outdoors.

As befitting a hero, the Clovis Fire Department presented Charlie with a "junior firefighter" badge and hat, while neighbors created a sign declaring him a "HERO."

Editor's Note: To learn more, washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2023/05/10/dog-hero-fireclovis-charlie/

After an investigation, a 47-year-old man was arrested and charged with multiple felonies alleging he set that RV ablaze.

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