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Published on December 1st 2020
LaShenda Williams: Homeless and living in their parking lot, the store hired her.

LaShenda Williams
LaShenda Williams photo: usatoday.com

Living in her car in an East Nashville (Tennessee) Kroger grocery store parking lot for nearly a year, LaShenda, age 46, awoke one morning and saw a store flier about a job fair.

She went into the store, as she does each day, to greet the employees, but this time she went to the store manager.

"Maybe I could work here one day," she said. "You got room for me?"

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LaShenda is very friendly but has a learning disability making it hard for her to read and write. In the past, she had also been addicted to drugs.

Knowing this, the manager, Jacqueline Vandal still helped LaShenda fill out the application and then submitted it.

As soon as the computer confirmed the application was received, Jacqueline told LaShenda, "You're hired."

LaShenda Williams and Jacqueline Vandal of Kroger
LaShenda Williams and Jacqueline Vandal of Kroger. photo: usatoday.com

"I couldn't believe it - I hugged her and cried," LaShenda said. "It was overwhelming. Somebody gave me a chance."

Why did Jacqueline do this?

"LaShenda had the right attitude, and I knew I needed to give her a shot. I didn't know at the time that she was living in her car. I just knew she was struggling."

LaShenda Williams
LaShenda Williams helps customers check-out. photo: usatoday.com

Now our story gets even better.

In May, after five months as a self-checkout associate, LaShenda saved enough money to get a one-bedroom apartment.

To make her apartment a home, co-workers and customers gave her household items.

After her story was told in Nashville's Tennessean and on Kroger's website, offers of furniture and kitchen appliances poured in, as people opened their hearts.

Now when LaShenda gets off work, she drives home, adding with joy, "I have a home to drive to! I'm so happy to still be here - I'm grateful to be alive."

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