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Published on July 27th 2021
Latonya Young: A single mother of 3, who got her bachelor's degree with the help of her Uber passenger.

Latonya Young
Latonya Young photo: cnn.com

44-year-old Latonya had always hoped to become a college graduate, something no-one else in her family had ever done.

A teenage mother and a high school dropout who later earned her GED, in 2010, as a 33-year-old freshman Latonya arrived at Georgia State University, and did well.

But the next year, she had to drop out because she could not afford the tuition.

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Years later, Latonya, while working as an Uber driver, was unable to pay a utility bill when in downtown Atlanta, she picked up 45-year-old Kevin Esch.

During the ride to his home, businessman Kevin told Latonya about his recent divorce, and she discussed her hope to return to Georgia State.

Kevin Esch and Latonya Young
Kevin Esch and Latonya Young photo: dailymail.co.uk

The two bonded.

Kevin tipped Latonya $150 to pay her utility bill. He also encouraged Latonya to go back to school and asked her to keep him posted.

But Georgia State rejected her because she owed $693 from 2010. After she told Kevin, he paid off her debt.

"I was in a place to be able to do it, and it was the right thing to do," he told The Washington Post.

Latonya attended Georgia State, while working 2 part-time jobs.

She also received financial support from an Ellen DeGeneres sponsor Cheerios for $25,000, The Jeanette Ranking Woman's Scholarship Fund, and Kevin.

On May 6th, 2021 Latonya graduated Georgia State with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice!

And in the stands Kevin and her family cheered her on.

"I don't know what situation I would be in if I hadn't met Kevin," Latonya told The Post. "I hope his kindness inspires other people to help someone."

"I gained a dear friend through all of this."

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