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Published on June 8th 2021
Les Ruefenacht: An 80-year-old grandfather who builds free desks for low-income students.

Les Ruefenacht
Les Ruefenacht photo: passiton.com

In this pandemic school year, many low-income families could not afford to buy a desk for their children to use with Zoom and study from home.

When Les learned this, he sprang into action.

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Les, of Clayton, CA (about 30-miles from San Francisco) is a building machine.

He buys, cuts and sands the lumber and then builds brand-new beautiful desks, about 3-desks a day, 15-desks a week.

They are then loaded into his little red truck and given away to low-income students all over the Bay Area.

Each desk costs Les about $65 in materials and happily he invests his labor, while absorbing his driving costs to make these children happy.

To Bay Area families in need, it is like Santa and his Sleigh as there is great joy to everyone who receives these beautiful desks, desks built so well, they are meant to last a lifetime.

But helping children in need is nothing new for Les.

Prior to the pandemic, he built wooden "Buddy Dog" toys for children suffering from cancer or other serious diseases.

Les Ruefenacht
Les' "Buddy Dog" toys photo: pioneerpublishers.com

Until the pandemic put his toy project on hold, the toys were then delivered to California hospitals and to Ronald McDonald Houses.

As the top-quality desks are now, the "Buddy Dog" toys were built with Swiss precision and meant to last a lifetime.

So, in addition to all the other pandemic heroes making a difference, count Les, the 80-year-old grandfather among them.

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Les doesn't use Social Media but a GoFundMe page has been set up on his behalf: https://www.gofundme.com/f/desks-for-kids-by-grandpa039s-kindness-workshop

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