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Published on July 20th 2021
Linda Owens: Foster Mother to 81 infants, over almost 34 years.

Linda Owens
Linda Owens photo: cbsnews.com

78-year-old Linda of Hayward, California receives these infants from the Alameda County Department of Children and Family Services.

"I have enjoyed each and every one," she told The Washington Post. "What I do comes from my heart for every fragile infant who needs a good start in life. I remember them all."

Who are these infants?

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Most are newborns taken from their drug addicted mothers by court order. Many were affected by drugs in the womb.

Ultimately, a judge will rule whether they can reunite with their parents, or be offered for adoption.

"The small babies who come to me under five pounds are required to eat every two hours," Linda told The Post.

"They need as much love and care as you can possibly give them. You get through one feeding, a diaper change and a burping and it's time to start all over again."

Linda Owens
photo: newsner.com

This means Linda sleeps lightly and briefly, night after night.

The babies live with Linda anywhere from a few days, to a few months or on occasion as long as 22-months while the County seeks their "forever family."

Linda never married, nor had children, unless we include her 81 infants, with more to come.

She is retired from a local grocery store chain, where she worked in human resources.

Linda has never done this for the money. The County pays her for infant care, but she spends most of it on food, clothing, diapers, baby gear and toys.

Linda Owens
photo: cbsnews.com

"Nurturing these babies has been my calling - I feel like it's a gift God handed to me to do."

"When they're ready to leave my home, my hope is that what I've instilled in their lives for the future will go on with them."

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