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Published on April 2nd 2024
The lost dog that rang the doorbell to say it was home.

Bailey Photo: people.com

Bailey, the lost dog was gone, and for 36 hours, her new human companion, and the shelter that had been her home for over a year were desperate to find her.

On its 33,000 follower Facebook page, The Animal Rescue League of El Paso called for help, but no-one could find her.

Fears mounted that Bailey could be run over, or fall prey to a wild animal, or even be forever lost in the West Texas desert.

Then suddenly, everything changed:

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Someone rang the animal shelter Ring camera door bell. And it was Bailey!

Bailey on the Ring camera doorbell Photo: people.com

On foot, Bailey had traveled 10 miles to return home. She just needed someone to open the door.

Losing patience, Bailey whined and scratched at the door, until a mother-daughter team let Bailey into the shelter, where she found her way to the kennels where she had lived.

After Bailey had a good meal, and some rest, the shelter contacted her human companion to let him know she was safe and sound at the shelter.

Bailey Photo: people.com

"We are just lucky that she made it across all these super busy streets and not get smushed," shelter director Loretta Hyde told The Washington Post.

Somehow, Bailey knew just where to go. She had crossed numerous neighborhoods, a very busy El Paso intersection, and Interstate 10 to find her way home.

To the director Loretta and to all of us, her safe return was a wonderful reminder how remarkable dogs are.

Editor's Note: To learn more, washingtonpost.com/nation/2023/02/11/lost-dog-doorbell-animal-shelter/

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