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Published on December 27th 2022
Lucas, a little penguin gets a new pair of shoes.

Lucas Photo: nbcsandiego.com

Four-year-old Lucas, a San Diego Zoo resident had bumblefoot, in which his feet were swollen and sore with lesions, and he walked with a limp.

This condition came from an infection of his spine which weakened his leg muscles. It caused him to rest on his ankles, which led to leg and foot sores.

Lucas was not only in pain, but because he looked and acted different than the other penguins, to them he was ugly and those penguins isolated him, leaving him friendless and alone.

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To the rescue came New Jersey-based Thera-Paw, specialists in protective footwear for animals.

The San Diego Zoo staff placed Lucas on sand and made molds from his foot prints.

Lucas Photo: metro.co.uk

The Thera-Paw shoe makers then created a unique pair of cushioned orthopedic shoes for Lukas designed as close as possible to his natural black foot color.

Now, not only is Lukas happily waddling along and enjoying the other penguins, he climbs rocks, swims and nests.

And here is the best thing of all, Lucas has become very popular with the lady penguins and now he even has a special penguin in his life, his first girlfriend!

Editor's Note: To learn more cnn.com, thegoodnewshub.com, https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org, https://www.therapaw.com/ and penguinsinternational.org.

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