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Published on September 19th, 2017
Lucy Kurien: A godsend to mothers and children in need.

Lucy Kurien
Lucy Kurien
Photo: globalsistersreport.org

Moved by Mother Teresa, whom she met, Lucy joined one of Mother Teresa’s convents and at 18, became Sister Lucy.

Being from India, she knew poverty, but nothing like she saw in Bombay (now Mumbai) as she lived in the convent, helping those in need.

In Mumbai’s slums, men, women and children live in filth, some begging for money and pooping on the streets. The children are often uneducated.

But one day, Sister Lucy witnessed an event that changed her life, and subsequently through her, the lives of thousands of people.

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A pregnant woman came to Sister Lucy and pleaded for her help, fearing her husband would kill her and their unborn baby.

Sister Lucy asked her to return the next day, when she would have convent approval to help. But that night there were horrible shrieks outside the convent.

This woman’s drunken husband had poured kerosene on her, lit it and burned her and the baby to death.

Sister Lucy never got over failing this woman.

Lucy left the convent and the church and subsequently in 1997, started Maher (“Mother’s Home”) from the kindness and donations of others.

In Maher, women and children are safe and the children educated, opening many opportunities for them.

Today, there are 40 Maher homes and more to come. Currently it serves 320 women and 872 children, and is a testament to what one determined woman can accomplish.

Editor's Note: To learn more and see videos of Lucy, click here and here. To visit the Maher website, visit https://maherashram.org/

Note: Maher is an interfaith organization including, among others, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews. There are no caste practices, no “untouchables” in Maher.

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