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Published on April 23rd 2019
Luke Mickelson: Building beds for children who have none

Luke Mickelson
Luke Mickelson
Photo: cnn.com
Many people believe one person can’t make a difference in this world, yet it is often one person that begins to make all the difference.

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In 2012, Luke, of Twin Falls, Idaho learned of a little girl who was sleeping on a pile of her clothes because her family couldn’t afford a bed for her.

Luke built her a bed and was overwhelmed by her happiness and gratitude.

He also knew many people are struggling just to house, feed and clothe their families and that a bed to them is an unaffordable luxury.

So, using his own money, and his spare time, Luke bought supplies and began to build beds to donate. He soon recruited family and friends to help him.

And to make more beds, he formed non-profit Sleep in Heavenly Peace to encourage others to get involved.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace now has 140-chapters across the U.S. with over 600 volunteers and they have built and donated over 5,000 bunk beds, and that number keeps growing.

Editor's Note: To see Luke and his team of volunteers in action, click here. To learn more, please visit Sleep in Heavenly Peace at shpbeds.org/.

All beds are built as bunk beds which means they actually have built over 10,000 beds as of my interview of Luke on 2/4/19. Those beds can be split into individual beds. All beds come to children ready to sleep in, with mattresses, pillows, sheets and comforters.

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