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December 22nd, 2015
Maisie Hymers: An 8 year old girl who saved her money for a year to buy Christmas gifts for sick children.

Maisie Hymers
Maisie gives Daniel Soutar a colouring book and set of felt tips  

Maisie saved 400 British pounds (600 U.S. dollars) to buy 50 Christmas gifts for sick children who are spending Christmas at Queen Alexandria Hospital in Portsmouth, England.

Her gifts included teddy bears, board games and toys (batteries included).

What motivated this remarkable little girl to do this?

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"I broke my arm last year and I was in hospital for a bit," Maisie said. "Then I thought the children who are in hospital won't get presents and I decided to save my pocket money to buy them things."

"I have got board games, teddy bears and toys."

Helping Maisie give out the gifts to each child were her proud parents, Lucy and Jason, assisted by her grandmother Kim, sister Tilly, 11 and tiny brother Rory, 11 months.

"We are extremely proud of her for being so thoughtful," said her mother Lucy.

"She saved most of her pocket money and family members put in a few pennies here and there to help too."

How important are these gifts?

Maisie Hymers
Maisie gives a gift to smiling George O'Shaughnessy, two, who was diagnosed with leukaemia last year  

"What Maisie has done is so inspirational - it's amazing," said hospital spokesperson Tracy Morgan.

"This donation will make a massive difference to all the children on the ward over Christmas and we would like to say thank you."

We too on this website add our thank you to Maisie, a generous and thoughtful little girl.

Success Tip of the Week: Generosity takes many forms. The key is to give from your heart.

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here, and here, the latter site is where we first saw this story.

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