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Published on June 26th, 2018
Mamoudou Gassama: Who risked his life to save a 4-year-old child

22-year-old Mamoudou, from the African nation of Mali, was living in Paris, hoping to become a French citizen.

On May 26th, after watching a football (soccer) game on a restaurant TV, he was walking home when he heard people screaming.

Looking up at an apartment tower, he saw a small boy dangling from a 5th floor balcony:

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Immediately, and with no regard for his own life, Mamoudou climbed that building to rescue the child, as you will see in a brief video. It took about 30-seconds.

Two-days later, now a global hero, Mamoudou met with French President Emmanuel Macron.

French President Macron and Mamoudou Gassama
French President Macron and Mamoudou
Photo: thewest.com.au

“I did not really think, I started climbing directly,” he told the French President. “As I was climbing up, I felt more and more confident.”

It was an incredible rescue and within 48-hours the French government proudly made Mamoudou a citizen.

To ensure his financial well-being Mamoudou was also offered a job with the Paris fire brigade, all of this a poor immigrant’s dream come true.

Editor's Note: Our source is ABC News. To learn more and watch his incredible climb, click here.

Thank you to my son Kyle for calling this story to our attention.

In the next KazanToday: How a neighbor’s kindness led to a 50-year friendship.

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