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Published on April 16th 2019
Marek Bush: A top high school athlete who did something special

Marek Bush
Marek Bush
Photo: cbsnews.com

Marek, a New York state high school wrestling champion, is just a sophomore, but he had the compassion to do something few other people would do.

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His major opponent is Logan Patterson, a junior at a nearby high school. In January the two rivals met in a wrestling match in front of large cheering crowd.

But as hard as Marek tried, Logan was on his way to victory, when with just 30-seconds left, Logan severely injured his elbow.

Marek Bush
Photo: cbsnews.com

All Marek had to do was pin his defenseless opponent.

But instead, he told Logan he was sorry about what happened to him, and then stunned everyone when he surrendered the match.

Marek lost the match and the tournament but captured the admiration of the crowd, some of whom watched with tears in their eyes.

One of those admirers was Marek’s dad, Bob.

“It's not about winning all the time, it’s about doing what’s right. And he did.” Bob told CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman.

Sports tournaments come and go and the results are soon forgotten, unless something special happens.

And on that January day, Marek Bush did something special.

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