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Published on August 3rd 2021
Love at first sight: A boy missing a leg and a puppy missing a paw.

Paxton and Marvel
Paxton and Marvel photo: people.com

Of the 11 golden retriever puppies born in a litter, one puppy stood out, a gentle little pup missing her right paw.

She was born on Barb and Russ Felt's 200-acre Minnesota farm, Rolling Oaks Goldens, where the Felts had raised golden retrievers for 40-years.

Russ named her Marvel for she was special, and would need just the right companion.

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In April, on Facebook the Felts posted a video of the litter, including news about adorable little 3-legged Marvel, which caught the attention of an occupational therapist.

She contacted the Felts and connected them with one of her clients, 7-year-old Paxton and his family, Blaine and Stephanie Williams, and their other children, Evelyn, 8 and Dawson, 1.

Marvel, Dawson, Paxton and Evelyn
Marvel, Dawson, Paxton and Evelyn photo: washingtonpost.com

The Williams of Waconia, Minnesota, near the Twin Cities were intrigued.

At age 4, from an infection in his right femur, their son Paxton had had his right leg amputated, and wears a prosthesis.

Barb Felt told the Williamses about Marvel, and her missing paw and a week later they made the 1-hour drive to the Felts' farm to meet this puppy.

"We were hanging out in a living room in the kennel area," said Blaine to The Washington Post.

"And when they brought Marvel in, the kids immediately started rolling around on the floor with her. It was love at first sight."

After a final vet check, on April 30th, the Williamses brought Marvel home.

Paxton and Marvel
Paxton and Marvel photo: fox7austin.com

"You could just see the special bond Paxton has with Marvel," Blaine told The Post. "As soon as he sat down, Marvel was all over him, licking his face."

Now 1st grader Paxton and Marvel are inseparable.

"Marvel is the cutest dog ever," said Paxton. "She's just so soft, I can't stop petting her. And she loves me."

Editor's Note: To learn more, www.washingtonpost.com.

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