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Published on September 11th, 2018
Matt Tomaszewski: He risked his life to save two swimmers caught in a riptide.

Matt Tomaszewski
Matt Tomaszewski and Chloe
Photo: pressherald.com

Matt and his wife Stephanie and their 17-month old baby girl Chloe were staying with his parents at their Seabrook, New Hampshire beach house.

While relaxing on the deck overlooking the ocean, they heard a desperate cry, “Somebody help us!”

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Six people had been suddenly caught in a riptide, and were swept 100-yards out to sea.

Swimmers dive into a wave at Seabrook Beach
Swimmers dive into a wave at Seabrook Beach
Photo: pressherald.com

There were no lifeguards, and although Matt’s mother called 911, by the time they arrived, those people would likely have drowned.

29-year-old Matt grabbed a paddleboard and, “paddled as hard as I could to get there as fast as possible.”

Three of the swimmers clung to a floating object, and were working their way to shore.

The other three, a married couple and another man were in grave danger. The man had passed out.

The couple gripped Matt’s paddleboard and everyone put the unconscious man on the board. But a large wave swept him off the board and farther out to sea.

Matt helped the couple onto the board and the couple gradually paddled to safety.

Now with no board, Matt was battling the riptide yet tried to find the unconscious man, but without success.

He then swam with all his might, as he worked his way to the distant shore.

Matt later learned the couple he saved were the parents of three daughters.

“He’s a father and I’m a new father,” Matt told The Washington Post. “It’s amazing to help him get back to his children. It was amazing to tuck Chloe in that night.”

Editor's Note: Our source for this story is The Washington Post.

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