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Published on September 19th 2023
The bank robbery that wasn't.

Michael Armus Sr
Michael Armus Sr Photo: abcnews.go.com

At Bank of the West in Woodland, California, Michael Armus Sr. was depositing a check when he saw something odd happening two teller windows away.

A man partially covering his face with his striped T-shirt had given the teller a note saying he was armed, and demanding money.

Photo: upworthy.com

But Michael recognized the would-be robber as Eduardo Placensia, his ex-neighbor and a friend of his daughter.

That was when Michael stepped in, and the two men began to talk.

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"He said he had no job, there's nothing in this town for me," Michael told ABC News. "I just want to go to prison."

This would-be robbery came to an end, as Michael persuaded Eduardo to come outside with him to talk it over, and when the two men hugged, Eduardo started crying.

"I felt compassion for the man. What could happen to that guy to want to go out there and throw his life away."

Michael Armus Sr
Michael Armus Sr. Photo: nbc15.com

When the police arrived, they arrested Eduardo for attempted robbery, and discovered he was unarmed.

What's next?

When Eduardo's case comes to trial, if he has no prior felonies, hopefully it will be pleaded out for counseling and community service, so he can make a new start.

For in the end, he just needed help, and was willing to go to prison to receive it.

As for Michael, he believes fate brought him there to prevent the robbery and help Eduardo turn his life around adding, "It was meant for me to be here."

Editor's Note: To learn more abcnews.go.com and https://video.search.yahoo.com.

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