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Published on March 16th 2021
Mike Esmond: Like a guardian angel he rescued people in his community from having their utilities turned off.

Mike Esmond
Mike Esmond photo: usatoday.com

With people sick or dying from the pandemic, others losing their jobs and Hurricane Sally damage, this has been a rough year for many Gulf Breeze, Florida residents.

In response, Mike, a Gulf Breeze business owner went to City Hall last Christmas, and asked for the list of all utility customers about to have their utilities turned off.

The list was 114 families long.

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At a cost to him of $7,615.40, 74-year-old Mike paid their bills.

Mike Esmond
photo: bbc.com

He did this because he knows what it is like to be in their position.

In 1983 at Christmas time, Mike, along with his wife and children were in the depths of a financial struggle. With money scarce, he had to choose which bills to pay.

He chose not to pay his heating bill.

"That was a big mistake," he told CBS News, "because we had the coldest winter we ever had in history where it got to six degrees. I mean, we had ice in the house."

So last Christmas, instead of getting a disconnect notice in the mail, the City of Gulf Breeze sent a card which read in part:

"Your past due utility bill has been paid by Gulf Breeze Pool & Spas [Mike's firm]. You can rest easier this holiday season knowing you have one less bill to pay."

The lesson is, if you are in trouble, you never know when a guardian angel will arrive and rescue you.

Editor's Note: Mike did this the prior Christmas too when he paid the utility bills for all 36-families about to have their utilities turned off. That cost him $4,600.

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