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Published on May 12th 2020
Mike Megonigal: A Virginia man who found a remarkable way to help others in need.

Mike Megonigal
Mike Megonigal
photo: wapo.com

In these coronavirus tense times, 58-year-old Mike and his 11-year-old daughter Marley wanted to do something to help others.

But what? Then it came to them!

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Mike and Marley
Mike and Marley
photo: annandaleva.blogspot.com

As they stood in line at Culmore Supermarket in Baileys Crossroads, the woman in front of them couldn't afford all of her groceries.

"So, I just said, 'I'll tell you what. I got it.'" Mike later told The Washington Post.

Mike is not a rich man, but one with a big heart. He is an auto body worker at Caliber Collision. Yet he did a wonderful thing for a woman he had never met.

And he didn't stop!

He paid for the groceries of the next person in line, and the next one and the one after that.

Mike told store owner Alex Lee to let the register run all the way to $1,000. And when it did, he said to let it run a little higher and then a little higher.

Marley with shopper at Culmore Supermarket
photo: annandaleva.blogspot.com

Then he told Alex, "Let it go. We're blessed," even urging people to get more items they needed but otherwise couldn't afford.

Baileys Crossing is a racially mixed community, in which many people are poor immigrants in need of a helping hand.

Mike and Marley did this for nearly an hour until the total came to $2,523.32. As they finished, the cheering echoed throughout the store.

That day, at least 30-families received free groceries.

"I'll tell you what - you've never seen so many happy people,' Mike told The Post. 'Really happy, really grateful. They just said thank you and God bless you."

"It was a great feeling. It really felt good to help out."

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