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Published on April 25th, 2017
Mohamed Bzeek: A godsend to terminally ill children.

Mohamed Bzeek
Mohamed Bzeek
Photo: abcnews.go.com

Los Angeles County's Department of Children and Family Services oversees the foster care of 35,000 children, with about 600 who need significant medical care.

But when a child has severe limitations, and is terminally ill, since 1989 it is Mohamed the system turns to.

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For without Mohamed, the child is institutionalized and dies in staff care.

But there is a problem with Mohamed, a 62-year-old Libyan born Muslim: there is only one of him.

His current child is a six-year-old girl he has foster parented since she was a baby.

This tiny girl has a brain disorder and is bedridden. She is blind and deaf; her arms and legs are paralyzed and she suffers from daily seizures.

"I know she can't hear, can't see, but I always talk to her," Mohamed told the Los Angeles Times.

"I'm always holding her, playing with her, touching her. She has feelings. She has a soul. She's a human being."

Mohamed Bzeek
Photo: pbs.org

This little girl has feeding and medical tubes attached to her, at least 22-hours a day, and sleeps sitting up, so she won't choke to death.

Mohamed watches over her throughout the day and night and it is he who dresses her and takes her to Children's Hospital to see her doctor and receive her medications.

In early December, Mohamed hosted a sixth-birthday party for her. The other attendees were her nurse, and Mohamed's physically limited son Adam, as well as a Los Angeles Times reporter.

Mohamed invited her biological parents, but they did not come.

When the party began, Mohamed knelt in front of her and held her hands, happily clapping them together.

"Yay!" he joyfully cheered. "You are 6! 6! 6!"

Her birthday cake had six-candles, and Mohamed sat her on the kitchen table, as he placed the cake near her face, so she could feel the warmth of the burning candles.

As they sang "Happy Birthday" to her, Mohamed leaned over her, his beard gently brushing the side of her face.

Then, as she inhaled the scent of the candles, a soft smile crossed her face.

Editor's Note:There is so much more to this wonderful story. Please see http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-foster-father-sick-children-2017-story.html which is the primary source for our story today.

But also, please see the deeply touching PBS News Hour 7-minute, 34-second video in which Mohamed tells his story. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/foster-father-cares-terminally-ill-kids-no-one/

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