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Published on May 19th 2020
A mom and pop gym surviving its pandemic closure because of its members' generosity.

Unleash'd Strength Gym team members
Unleash'd Strength Gym team members
photo: unleashdstrength.com

All over the world, confronted by lock-down, small businesses are struggling to survive. Many will likely not reopen.

This is the compelling story of one small business being rescued by its members:

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When it opened last summer, Unleash'd Strength Gym, a Northern Virginia muscle and fitness gym was a dream come true for its owners Joe Strada 28, and his wife Margo 26, parents of a baby.

Joe and Margo Strada
Joe and Margo Strada
photo: unleashdstrength.com

It opened after the couple used their savings to buy and restore used equipment, and create a beautiful gym facility.

At a membership cost of $39 a month, inexpensive by health club standards, it grew quickly, going from 0 members to 210 earlier this year.

But as the pandemic took hold, Unleash'd Strength, like most other small businesses was forced to close until further notice.

210 members became 198, and Joe and Margo asked the remaining members to pay whatever they could afford in order for the locked-down gym to survive.

Of the 198, 176 chose to continue to pay the full $39 a month, ensuring the gym's survival.

During this forced closure, the Stradas are using this money to pay their rent and other overhead, and buying new equipment to make their gym even better.

They pay themselves nothing.

The hope in the U.S. and elsewhere is that many small businesses such as Unleash'd Strength will reopen and once again prosper.

Thanks to its membership, this mom and pop gym will have that opportunity.

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