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Published on May 5th, 2015

Momofuku Ando: The noodle king.

Momofuku Ando
Momofuku Ando  

Mr. Ando was a Japanese entrepreneur and a humanitarian who wanted to end world hunger and he devoted his life to improving noodles as the way to do that.

In the process, he introduced the world to instant noodles. For example, you may recognize these words from Cup Noodle, when you've wanted a quick and tasty meal:

"Peel off the lid - Pour boiling water into the cup - Let sit for three minutes - Stir well and serve."

It took Mr. Ando many years of hard work to create this simple approach but with these four easy steps he introduced us all to instant ramen, a noodle dish that feeds people all over the world.

Yet it began out of a crisis. In 1948, shortly after World War ll, Japan was devastated and its people were desperate for food, standing in long lines for something to eat.

To help feed them Mr. Ando made noodles in his little company.

But in the years thereafter, Mr. Ando was determined to make better noodle products and as he did, his little company grew into a substantial global firm, Nissin Foods Group.

In 1958 at the age of 48, he introduced Japan and the world to precooked instant noodles.

In 1971, 61 year old Mr. Ando introduced Cup Noodle instant ramen. It revolutionized instant noodles and it became a global phenomenon.

But even this was not enough for Mr. Ando who in his 90’s introduced "Space Ram," a product so durable; it could be eaten by astronauts in orbit, and was carried aboard Space Shuttle Discovery.

And along with other Nissin noodle products, it was very durable and could be shipped worldwide to feed starving men, women and children.

Mr. Ando was so determined to make superior products to feed mankind, that he actively did so until his passing at 96 years of age in 2007.

When asked the secret of his long life, he claimed it was playing golf and eating Chicken ramen nearly every day.

But I believe there was a greater factor: Each day Mr. Ando had a purpose and he had a passion, which was to serve mankind an ever better noodle.

Success Tip of the Week: In the words of Mr. Ando, "Peace will come to the world when all its people have enough to eat."

Editor's Note: Thank you to my friend and webmaster Jon Barnes for introducing this wonderful story to us and to Google for telling it so well. To learn more click here, here, and here.

To learn more about Mr. Ando’s and Nissin’s extensive charity work, click here.

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