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Published on March 21st 2023
Confronting intense fire, heat, and smoke, a man saved the lives of 5-children.

Photo: youtube.com

25-year-old Nick Bostic of Lafayette, Indiana was on the job making his late-night pizza deliveries when suddenly he saw a two-story home enveloped in flames.

And there were no first responders. Nick wanted to call 911 but had no cell phone, so without protective gear, he risked his life to save the occupants.

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He raced into the home shouting for everyone to flee.

Nick ran upstairs where the eldest child, Seionna 18, was awakened by his screams. She awoke her sister Shaylee 13, baby Kaleia 1 and their family friend Livian 13.

Nick led them outside to safety.

Still shaking in fear, the girls cried out for their 6-year-old sister Kaylani, who was trapped in the home.

Nick raced back in, frantically calling for Kaylani, searching everywhere.

Then he heard a faint cry. He crawled under the intense smoke to the crying child. Scooping her up, Nick wrapped Kaylani in blankets to insulate her from the flames.

He then broke an upstairs window and leaped from the second-story, using his body to protect her from the fall.

As Nick hit the ground, the firefighters arrived. Little Kaylani was safe, but Nick was injured from the fall, and suffered severe smoke inhalation and burns.

He was airlifted to the hospital.

Nick Bostic
Nick Bostic in the ICU Photo: wthr.com

Said Lafayette Fire Chief Richard Doyle, "If you don't put Mr. Bostic on the scene for another two minutes, those children are probably lost."

Nick Bostic
Nick Bostic Recovering Photo: sportskeeda.com

As for Nick, he said, "I was ready to lose my life that night." But because of his courageous action 5-children are safe and sound, and he is recovering.

Nick Bostic
Nick Bostic with the childen he helped rescue. Photo: sportskeeda.com

Editor's Note: The parents, David and Tiera Barrett were on a date night when they got the news, and are deeply grateful to Nick. To learn more passiton.com, wthr.com and washingtonpost.com

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