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Published on July 6th 2021
Nicole Coyne: She rescues dying dogs and gives them loving end of life care.

Nicole Coyne
Nicole Coyne photo: metro.co.uk

Sometimes when a dog owner passes, or a family can no longer afford the vet bills, their dogs are left in animal shelters or occasionally on the street.

Imagine the old dogs living their last days frightened and alone in a place they have never known.

In Nottingham, about 128-miles (206 km) from London, a retired nurse, 48-year-old Nicole Coyne decided to do something about this.

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She created The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project to rescue those dying dogs and give them the love and attention they deserve.

photo: facebook.com

Because she takes them home, she told British newspaper Metro, "I normally have a maximum of two dogs at any one time."

"I think the longest I've had one is around one year and the shortest was about two weeks."

"I don't know when their birthdays are so we make sure we throw all of them [a] birthday party."

"If they're well enough, we take them for a day at the seaside, they get fish and chips on the beach and ice cream."

photo: metro.co.uk

Nicole pays for their care, about $630 (500-pounds) per dog, and sometimes she fundraises.

Her team includes her two children - Olivia, 17 and Harry, 16 and her friend Lisa Emmans.

One dog they rescued, Bumble, a German Shepherd was a stray, with matted fur, a very painful back and barely able to walk.

Bumble photo: facebook.com

An animal shelter rescued him and Nicole took him.

Bumble lived only six weeks but they were likely the best weeks of his life, including his birthday party and all the love and attention he received. He found doggy heaven on earth.

photo: facebook.com

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