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Published on January 12th 2021
Nurse Taylor Pikkarainen: Her kidney saved a toddler's life.

Taylor Pikkarainen with Bodie Hall
Taylor Pikkarainen with Bodie Hall photo: mhealth.org

Little 18-month Bodie Hall was born with a rare kidney disease. His parents Gloria and Brandon wanted to save him, but Brandon was not a match.

And Gloria had already donated a kidney to save London, Bodie's older sister, who has the same rare kidney disease.

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Bodie was put on a kidney transplant list, but he might not survive long enough to receive one.

So, in desperation doctors urged his parents to make their plea on social media, as well as using word of mouth.

That's where nurse Taylor Pikkarainen came in.

Taylor is also from Minnesota, but serves as a traveling nurse and was in New Jersey working with COVID-19 patients, when she read about Bodie.

Seeing his photo and reading his story on Facebook melted her. "He was just the cutest thing ever," she told Minneapolis TV station KSTP.

Bodie Hall
Bodie Hall photo: kstp.com

"He was so little, he was so little," she added. "I filled out the paperwork right then and there."

She was an ideal match and on July 9, 2020 the kidney transplant took place, giving the toddler the second chance at life his family had hoped for.

"I felt like jumping, it was so exciting," said Bodie's mother to KSTP as she began crying. "There's no way to express how grateful you are for saving your kid..."

Gloria and Brandon Hall
Gloria and Brandon Hall photo: 6abc.com

"We just told her 'Thank you,'" Bodie's father added. "We just couldn't believe that she was willing to do something like that for us."

So, from the kindness of a stranger little Bodie's life was saved and now a loving relationship has been formed between Taylor and the Hall family.

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