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Published on May 15th, 2018
Paul Tasner: How at the age of 66, he became a first-time entrepreneur, and a blessing to the environment.

Paul Tasner
Paul Tasner
Photo: wsj.com

Just before Christmas of 2009, Paul was called into a meeting by his employer, a San Francisco consumer products company.

There, Paul was stunned, for at 64 he was being terminated. This after a career of over 40-years working for various companies.

What did he do next?

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Few employers will hire someone 64-years-old, so for the next two-years Paul tried consulting but felt “frustrated and passionless.”

Then Paul, an environmentalist, got an idea.

“I wanted to build my own business, designing and manufacturing packaging from waste " paper, agricultural, even textile waste " replacing the toxic, disposable plastic packaging to which we’ve all become addicted.”

Paul Tasner and Elena Olivari
Paul Tasner and Elena Olivari
Photo: radio.krcb.org

“This is called clean technology, and it felt meaningful to me.”

At 66, Paul had to learn the in’s and out’s of running a business, but he and his business partner, Elena Olivari did learn those in’s and out’s.

Now, five-years later, and in his early 70’s, their firm PulpWorks, Inc. is prospering, has no debt, and has “several marquee clients.”

Those clients include Google, Campbell’s Soup and Anthropologie women’s stores.

PulpWorks has also won more than 20-awards for its environmental work. “But best of all, we’ve made a small dent " a very small dent " in the worldwide plastic pollution crisis.”

“And I am doing the most rewarding and meaningful work of my life right now.”

Editor's Note: To see Paul’s inspiring 6-minute, 57-second TED Talk video, from which most of today’s quotes were taken, click here. To learn more, click here. To visit the PulpWorks website, click here.

Thank you to Paul for his help in preparing this piece.

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