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Published on October 27th 2020
Peter Rork: A retired doctor who now rescues thousands of homeless pets.

Peter Rork
Peter Rork in the left seat of his Cessna
photo: cbsnews.com

67-year-old Peter, of Jackson, Wyoming, a former orthopedic surgeon flies his Cessna Caravan to rescue dogs and cats from being euthanized.

Through his nonprofit, Dog Is My CoPilot, he flies them to shelters and rescue groups who find loving homes for them.

Over the last eight years, he has rescued more than 16,000 homeless pets! One of them is Captain.

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When Captain arrived at San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA), he had heartworm and an abdominal mass, and no-one to love him.

SAPA provided love and medical care and after seven months, he was healthy and ready for a loving home.

Dog Is My CoPilot flew him to Paws For Life Utah, where he became a family member to Sherry and Cindy, who adopted him.

Peter Rork
photo: cbsnews.com

Joyfully, Captain now has his place on their couch, in their car and in their hearts.

Why does Peter do this?

"I always wanted to do something that involved aviation," Peter told The Washington Post, for he loves to fly and has been flying since the age of 16.

"I had no idea there were places that kill over 90% of stray animals," stated Peter who has three rescue dogs living with him.

As a result, there is real sense of urgency.

There are 4 volunteer pilots including Peter, who fly 6 days a week. Each flight carries 150 - 250 pets, stopping 3 - 5 times across 15 states as rescue groups and shelters await them.

This keeps Peter very busy.

"Now that I'm eight years into it, I'm already looking forward to the next eight," he told The Post. "As much as I rescue them, they rescue me."

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