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Published on July 2nd 2019
Peter Tabichi: A 36-year-old teacher in Kenya who donates 80% of his paycheck to help his students.

Peter Tabichi
Peter Tabichi
Photo: lifedaily.com


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Living in the remote village of Pwani in Kenya’s Rift Valley, most of Peter’s students are from poor families.

Many of those families don’t see the value of an education and instead, they want their children to produce income.

And daughters are often told to skip school and get married as the cycle of poverty continues.

But as a mentor and as a math, science and technology teacher, Peter inspires children and their families and convinces some of them that a college education is truly possible.

It is only because of him that many of his students stay in school.

Peter Tabichi's students
Peter Tabichi's students
Photo: lifedaily.com

Then in April, something remarkable happened. Peter was awarded the annual Global Teacher Prize, a One Million Dollar award!

Peter knew just what to do with that money, for his school until then had few books, no library or laboratory, just one computer and limited Internet access.

Now this money can correct these limitations and do so much more, including scholarships.

As each of us can recall a teacher who made a wonderful difference in our lives this is what Peter is doing for his students as he brings them hope for a better tomorrow.

Editor's Note: To learn more, click here. To see a video of Peter and his students, click here. Thank you to kindspring.org for introducing this heartwarming story to us.

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